Friday, 30 August 2013

One month to go!

With 30 days to go before we jet off on our adventure things have started to get a little bit panicky in my head! I have managed to tick off around 4 things on my mega checklist and my work load appears to have doubled ha!

 All our weekends are now filled up with dinners, drinking and camping so hopefully it'll be a fun filled month to say goodbye to everyone.

On a side note, we just had 3 fun days in London where we watched our first Nottingham Forest away game, ate lots of pizza, celebrated our good friends Indian wedding and walked across the O2!

Andy's brother organised it as a surprise for his birthday which I think was also the first time I've managed to keep a secret from Andy! It was absolutely fantastic and I advise everyone to try it.

I hate heights but it didn't phase us at all. Its very much like a trampoline and the guide had to keep telling me not to jump up and down otherwise ill send others flying too...booo!

I also advise people to get the clipper when traveling to the O2! Ive decided if I ever live in London, it's the only way I'm going to travel!


  1. glad you enjoyed the o2 thing, I would have loved to have seen the look on andys face x

    1. PS I really like that top pic, who knew droopy was so tall???

  2. Wow, those shots from on top of the O2 are amazing! I never knew that you could even do such a thing as climb on top of the O2. It looks great fun :)

    Lucy x

  3. Ahh that's so exciting! I'm leaving at the beginning of October too, it's kind of terrifying and absolutely thrilling all at the same time. Best of luck!