Monday, 22 July 2013

The great big to-do list

With 2 months and 9 days left until I leave the country it’s about time I started doing things.  I’m a believer in lists and a move such as this requires the ultimate of to-do lists.

I’m sure this will change dramatically over the next few weeks, but here is version 1.0, nicely divided into areas of my life:

Our Flat
  • Hand in written notice to lettings agent one month prior to move-out date
  • Get deposit back
  • Get reference from lettings agent - £25 fee
  • Cancel EON
  • Cancel council tax
  • Cancel TV license
  • Cancel Sky (phone, TV and internet)
  • Cancel BT line rental
  • Cancel contents insurance
  • Cancel Severn Trent
  • Cancel British Gas 
  • Work out what were planning to sell/give away/store
My Car
  • Put car on Auto Trader
  • Cancel car insurance
  • Cancel RAC
My Job
  • Hand in written notice to line manager- Tick
  • Get reference from manager and other partners I’ve worked with
  • Make a note of contact details for key work contacts
  • Write my Canadian resume (more than one, tailored to job areas)
  • Send CV to recruitment agencies in Vancouver
  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Send off speculative applications to companies I’d like to work for
  • Fill in Job leavers form
  • Send off pension form
My Health
  • Make a doctor’s appointment for necessary prescriptions
  • Make a dentist appointment for checkup and necessary treatment
  • Cancel optician’s direct debit
  • Stock up on contact lenses
  • Take copy of prescription with me so they don't think I'm smuggling!
  • Change address of bank accounts to my parents’ house
  • Give mum my paying in book
  • Order new check book
  • Check to see if new bank cards expire soon, order new ones if necessary
  • Print off and store final bank statement
  • Order Canadian dollars/travelers cheques
  • Order USA dollars/travelers cheques
  • Buy 12 month insurance
  • Buy an address book and write down key contacts
  • Sort various paperwork (final bills etc.) into nice neat box file to leave with parents
  • Redirecting mail to parents house
  • Cancel Netflix
  • Cancel Glossybox
  • Cancel Spotify??
  • Get USA visa
  • Cancel three mobile contract??
  • Set up skype subscription? – Unlimited uk landline, us & Canada landline and mobile = £4.99/month. UK Skype number – (£3.50 1 month, £10.00 3 month, £35 12 month)??
I think that about does it for now... phew...


  1. LOL Charlotte... that is funny...

    I thought I might take a nap half way through... lol

    Good luck, I really used to do the list thing, I might have to start it up again... I actually got things done with a list :)

  2. Looks like you have a lot to do! Good luck with everything :)