Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mundane Midweek pt3

This week has been fairly mundane so far compared to celebrating my birthday on Friday with lots of friends, drink and BBQ food, leaving me feeling very delicate on the train journey up to Manchester Saturday morning for a good friends hen do.

Tuesday started off (as every morning over the last couple weeks has) baking hot! The one disadvantage of having full width glass windows everywhere in our flat is that it soon turns everything into a magnifying glass with me feeling like the little ant

After a hectic day trying to work on about 5 things at the same time I thought I best do some exercise after the weekend I had so headed of to Abs and Core. Thinking this class isn't usually a cardio based workout ill be fine in this heat... boy was I wrong. The air con was broken and I came out looking like I had just ran a marathon.

I recently brought an iPhone 4s off my friend for when we go to Canada so I can video call and what not. (I have the old 3gs which has been dying slowly for like the last 6 months) I thought it might be a nice time to try out Facetime with my parents. At first my Dad was trying to do it while I was walking around Tesco but soon agreed that I'd ring when I get home. On the call back he said he needs to set up his iTunes account so he'll ring me back when hes ready. I'm still waiting for the call back so not a very successful start to our Facetime relationship.

All day I had been thinking about what to make for dinner and I seemed to settle on a recipe that requires a slug of red wine. Andy returned home from playing football to find me watching Orange is the new black (new series on Netflix which I'm loving), writing an intagram feed jquery plugin for a website I'm building for Pulse Customised Clothing and drinking half a pint of sangria. My response... "Well I might as well use the rest of the wine up!"

I am very much looking forward to Thursday where I will be eating as many ribs as humanly possible while we celebrate, or commiserate depending on how you look at it, Luke moving off to London.

Join in with your mundane midweek!

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  1. I've never done any kind of video chat thing. No skype, no face time, nothing. One day, I'll have to and I'll look like an idiot while trying to figure it out. lol