Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So this time in 3 months we will had landed in Los Angeles for the first stop of our Californian adventure.

Most of the plans are coming into place now. We have booked 2 nights in LA, 7 nights in San Diego, 4 nights in San Francisco, 1 night in Portland, 1 night in Seattle before heading onto Vancouver. After much deliberation on whether to fly, hire a car or train it we've opted to go greyhound as it is so much cheaper.

Some of you might have noticed we have completely changed our plans as the initial idea was to move to Toronto. Even though we have family in Toronto we knew we would end up in Vancouver at some point, and you get much more choice on rental properties if you are willing to do a 12 month lease. 

Once we get to Vancouver we've sorted out accommodation for 2 weeks while we spend that time looking for something more permanent. I couldn't big up airbnb and wimdu enough at the moment, the people have been absolutely fantastic and are all willing to advise us on their city and help out as much as they can.

Now we're just researching neighborhoods that we think will be good to check out first. I've been advised most downtown places just advertise on boards outside the properties rather than online. So fingers crossed for when we get there. I then came across this diagram:

Trying to figure out where we come under - assuming its going to be foreigner condos or poor people after the two weeks traveling around America!

A lot of the condo properties come with access to a gym which I think I'm going to have to make a criteria after all the food I'm bound to be consuming. We also worked out that it will be cheaper in the long run finding somewhere unfurnished. I already have got the address for the nearest Ikea!

In other news this has become my new favorite show. It is literally all I watch on weekends now. This is why I will need that gym!


  1. I think you two belong in the 'rich white people and college kids who can't afford it here' group, haha. Can't believe you told the internet you were moving to vancouver instead of toronto before you told me. Lame x

  2. This all sounds incredibly exciting (although lots of planning and itineraries involved I imagine!) I'm also a huge fan of Air BnB and Wimdu - really happy they're able to help make the temporary accommodation thang less of a headache :) xx