Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

My bestie Charlotte has started this thing called Mundane Midweek and quite frankly I love the idea of it.

Today started as any other work day with me climbing over Andy to try and turn off the multitude of alarms he has going on. Im one of these people that can generally get up with one alarm, however Andy is the opposite and needs like 5 - all on the snooze button and set at different times - and even then its up to me to actually get him up! Today a poke in the nose did it.

I then remembered its our fast day and that I hadnt make the gazpacho we were planning to have for lunch last night so I began knocking it up while finishing getting ready. Cutting up garlic and chilli at half 8 isnt the most fun things to do and I seemed to use every utensil in the house.

Left for work thinking about all the washing up im going to have to do on my return when the mother rang for our normal 4 minute chat we have as I walk to work. All we managed to get through was what ingredients were in my soup.

Work went fairly quickly today. Were in the process of redesigning the university homepage which is the best part about my job. Spent a fair few hours writing jquery and trying to fix Internet Explorer issues - we still have to support IE7 - this makes us sad inside.

After guzzeling down my gazpacho, Sophie and I hit the gym which we do every lunch time to get ourselves out the office for a bit. Realised I'm still hungry.

After work I waited for Charlotte for half an hour as she decided invoicing people was more fun than meeting me for tea ;).
I was quite happy to wait in the sunshine however the cakes were staring at me from inside the cafe which is why Charlotte was laughing at how grumpy I looked when she arrived. Needless to say when we went inside I had to get myself a cookie - I battled to resist the cheesecake she was having.

On our way home via Waitrose to pick up some salmon and asparagus, this rollerblader was coming down the hill at speed and tried to do a trick in front of us. He fell on his bum - pretty hard - as Charlotte and I tried not to laugh. I do feel a bit bad for the guy now but it was his own fault for showing off!!

Returned home to a famished Andy - popped the salmon in the oven and am now watching CSI NY. I'm writing this post instead of the hours work I should be doing building wordpress sites but figured its been a while since my last post and I've been busy working all week.

Really wish we had some FABS in the freezer.

Thats pretty much it. How mundane has your day been? Link up here and let everybody know.


  1. There's no better day than when someone tries to show off and hurts themselves.

  2. That guy was hilarious.. I've slept on our decision to walk away and leave him there with his wounded pride and that coke he threw all over himself and I still feel like we did the right thing. Shouldn't show off ;)