Friday, 21 June 2013

Mundane Midweek pt 2

This week couldnt be going any slower! I think due to me having all next week off work to go surfing and celebrate one of my best friends 30th birthday in Newquay. I cannot wait! Only one more work day to go!

 Cant wait for a full week of surfing and fun

Works been pretty busy as usual. We're in the process of building the new homepage for the university and have passed it over to the developers to implement which always means we'll be tweaking things all day.
Jen (the other designer) and I, while bored, decided to make mass changes to a bunch of other pages without consulting anyone and it seemed to go down well, that or they just didnt notice.

I decided at lunchtime that I needed a hair cut. Think it was just a ploy to cheer myself up after struggling at run club an hour earlier. Note to self: Don't eat a jacket potato smothered with cheese and beans so close to running. Managed to book a hair appointment after work, to which I then had to walk home in drizzle! Fantastic!

This evening has consisted of films in the background while developing the new blog refresh for Lou from LouLou in Paris, which will be going live tomorrow night, and designing a flyer for Pulse Trading Group's 4th Birthday party.

Now time to sleep

Join in with your mundane midweek!


  1. I hate when weeks just drag on. So annoying!

  2. Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for the little mention :) I'm currently re organising the list of blogs i want to put on my new, shiny, oh-so-pretty site, which is how i ended up here reading your latest post! Wow, it's going live tonight - super super exciting and many thanks in advance for all your wonderful work!

    That is some very good advice about the jacket potato + cheesy beans just before a run...i did a 3k race over lunch today on a pain au chocolat which was not the right fuel food at all! I feel your pain. Hope you're not feeling too discouraged though, just save the jacket for after your next run.

    Good luck with all your work projects and have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Aw thank you for your kind words. Its been a pleasure making your blog for you.

      Enjoy your weekend too! xx