Friday, 21 June 2013

Lou Lou in Paris - Blog Design

Hey there! Lou from LouLou in Paris contacted us a couple weeks ago wanting to re-fresh her blog. She told us she would like a simplistic and clean design which would reflect her best. With that in mind I decided to keep the overall look very simple but adding some little hints of personality through use of colour, textures and fonts. I am very happy with the turnout and credit to Lou as she knew exactly what she wanted and was a pleasure to work with. Enjoy and check out her blog here!


  1. Thank you Nicola so much for the design. It was equally a pleasure for me to work with both yourself and Charlotte. You were both so professional, available to answer any questions and the whole process from start to finish took about 10 days! I'm very excited about what I hope is a new phase for my little blog :) Lou xx

  2. p.s. Is it ok if i pin this page to my Blogging board on Pinterest?