Friday, 7 June 2013

"I thought about shouting at you and saying no but could't do it!"

I'll miss you little window seat 

Today is the day I handed in my notice at work. 

I had already informally told some people I'm closest to including my manager a month or two ago. I have to give 3 months notice at the university and as its 3 months and 24 days till we fly to LA I thought I might as well do it today while the sun is shining. So my last official day is Friday 13th September (Well done nic!). That will give me just over two weeks to sort everything out and move out of our flat.

Ive never really had to hand in my resignation before as this was my first job out of university (it was my 5 year birthday last week which I'm kind of gutted about because I would have got 5 extra holidays in September!) and even thought my manager knew exactly what it was about I was suddenly very scared. I think it suddenly made it very official just what I'm doing. I'm usually a crier (I'm going to be terrible on my leaving do) but I managed to hold it back even tho my voice was doing that weird trembling thing. My manager made me feel at ease tho and said some really nice things, even joking about what would I do if she said no! We chatted for a while about what our plans were and she said shes very happy for me and will give me a fantastic reference :)

Now it feels like a big weight off my shoulder but also that its very real. I've really enjoyed my time here and have made some great friends, some of which are already planning a holiday.

Off out for drinks and food with work tonight to celebrate! On that note, I’d better get back to work…


  1. That's a massive moment- handing in your notice for any reason is scary, but this is a big one. No turning back no!! xx