Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"When are you going to Canada"...

... a work colleagues friend screamed as she headed towards me in the pub. With my boss standing on the other side of the room, the look of dread on my face made her try to grab her words back but lucky it went unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of the Orange Tree at 5pm on a Friday.

I initially wasn’t planning on saying anything until around July at least (and it's 180 odd days until I leave…but who’s counting?), but my boss kept subtly saying "Just give me plenty of notice" ever since i arrived back off my holiday June last year. That and I’d already told a few of the colleagues I’m closest to, word was starting to spread, and the thought of my managers finding out from someone else other than me scared me into making a snap decision.

Luckily it paid off, my manager was incredibly supportive of my decision, and very happy for me. She reacted by hugging me and saying she will only give me a good reference if I applied for a Canadian job, Apparently I am not allowed to go anywhere else in the UK. She is keen for me to give her plenty of notice so I can help with finding a replacement Nic - i like to think there isn't one ha!

I'll miss you little desk - desk hamster, you're coming with me!

note: the tied up art work in the picture is not me looking at weird stuff at work, it's just the Art & Design students portfolio work ha!


  1. Yay you told them! good on it's Andy's turn to tell his employers lol

    What will you do if your replacement is.. god forbid.. younger than you? no longer the baby.. your worst nightmare! x

  2. PS, this seems like something you'd like