Tuesday, 23 April 2013

This morning

I woke up to Andy shouting "yessss". I rolled over wondering why he was so excited to be getting up for work and he said his visa has been accepted.

YAY!!!  This has made me very happy indeed. I had received mine around a month ago but there was still no sign of Andy's. We've been holding off booking any flights until we both know for definite were allowed to go. Turns out they are having some "technical issues" with the system notifying users they have been accepted. We managed to give the london office and email and two days later he had the confirmation we have been waiting for. Maybe I can get a job over there fixing their system ;)

Now we can finally start planning and booking things. Excited :)

My uncle told my mum he was very excited about me going to Canada, im just gutted he couldn't see it happen or tell him all about my plans. I better make him proud then!

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  1. Eeep how exciting, I hope the planning goes super well! xxx