Monday, 1 April 2013

Monthly wrap-up

Not quite sure whats going on with the English weather but March has pretty much just been covered in snow. It's been beautiful but after about a day in the city centre it turns to horrible slushy stuff. However, ive been trying to get accustomed to it for when I have to deal with mega snow in Canada. Im sure it will still be a shock to the system!

Memorable moment:
I got my Letter of Introduction to Canada in March. This basically means I have till 20th March 2014 to enter Canada and pick up my Visa. So excited :)

Favourite Post:
You Can't Make This Stuff Up by Charlottes Web

Freelance work:
This month has been crazy work wise, in a good way of course! We completed the design and build for Bianca's In Wonderland blog, marketing materials for Dan at Pulse Property Network/Pulse Trading Group and signed off the new blog design for Charlottes Web (this being my best friend, I was both terrified and excited to do this at the same time!).

Work has also started on a new site and marketing materials for Hannah at Pulse Customised Clothing and final tweaks are being made to Little Red Creative's website which will be going live in the next couple of weeks. I think that's everything :)

Inspiring Me this Month:
This month is all about my friends. Charlotte inspired me to blog about life and Canada and my friend Dan, who won Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, made me want to be more proactive in my career. Both push me to be more creative and I love them both for this. Charlotte has also challenged me to write a post every day this month so I appologise in advance if I ramble.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
  • I'm finally watching the final season of Lost. Every episode I'm a little bit more lost but I love it.
  • We are currently researching where we could go to in the USA for a brief holiday before we enter Canada.
  • I'm munching on macarons... again


  1. I think this year you guys got more snow than Toronto did, for sure. :) So you might not need as much prep as you think!

    1. Well that's good news. I'm taking your word on it!