Thursday, 25 April 2013

It's Official!

We've booked out flights to.... America.

We have decided that we would like a little vacation before we go to Canada. We've been working very hard at our freelance work as well as working a 9-5 job so thought why not while were over that way.

Originally we were planning this mammoth journey where we visited pretty much every state going but then soon realised were not made of money and whatever we spend now is coming out of our Canada savings. We soon settled on a California road trip where we can hopefully surf to our hearts content.

First stop on our little adventure is Los Angeles on the 1st October! After that is still unknown as weve not booked anything else yet. First initial ideas is that were going to head to San Diego and then rent a car to make our way up to San Francisco. From there we're hoping to catch the California Zephyr trian to Chicago where we will stay with Andy's aunt before making our way to Toronto.

Things are starting to get very real now and I'm going to have to start getting my clipboard out and begin planning what to do with all our things and life.

Its exciting though!


  1. uh oh spagettio, this s**t just got real! if you need to leave little bits and pieces with us you can do, though obviously not your mac etc because if our house gets broken into again i would never forgive myself for not guarding that thing with my life xxx

  2. how fun!!! im in chicago. ;) so if you need any recs, you may email me. but california is awesome. did a huge roadtrip 2 summers ago up and down the state- its so beautiful.

  3. Ooh that sounds awesome! Hope you have a great time.. I bet you can't wait.
    If you ever find yourself on a trip to St Louis say hi :-)