Monday, 8 April 2013

Fab Fonts - 01 Nevis

I have decided that each week I will pick a font, show it in use, and give you lot everything you need to use it and hopefully pass on my love of typography. It might be terribly boring for some but I hope it may give you some ideas for use in your own blogs and work.

This week I decided to go for a relaxing theme, opting for a simple sans serif font. The past few months have so busy with work, visa applications, hen dos and family news, I began to realise I need a little time to chill out, have a cup of green tea and dedicate a little time to myself. This is one of the main reasons for starting this little font series. It sounds silly but gazing at fonts and playing around in Photoshop when I'm the client is relaxing to me.

Number of styles: 1
Classification: San-Serif
Description: Strong, angular typeface that manages to retain a friendly tone
Ideal for: Headings and buttons
Similar fonts: Gotham, FoundrySterling, Avenir, Effra
Designer: Ten By Twenty by designer Ed Merritt
Download it here: Ten By Twenty

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