Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why Canada?

I constantly get people asking why did we choose Canada? Why not Australia, USA or another exotic destination?

Everyone I meet who has been to Canada knows exactly why we picked it. The place absolutely blew us away when we went last year, and we only went to Toronto for 5 days! The people were so friendly, the food was yummy and the weather in June... WOW!  It also helps that we have family over there :)

Andy and I are the outdoorsy types, he skateboards, we both surf, learning to snowboard, love road trips and well I just like any attempt at being outside in the sunshine. Canada gives us access to do all of this some way or another.

The other reason is work. The Canada visa allows us to do any job we please (or i should say can get!) where as USA visa is only for 3 months. Australia also does a year visa but you can only work for up to six months with each employer and we're not really fans of big spiders.

We don't really have a plan of action yet, other than the suggestion that we'll fly out to Toronto for a bit then make our way to Vancouver.

Here are just a couple reasons why we chose Canada and what we hope to do while were on that side of the world:

Beautiful homes

Surf the St. Lawrence River, Montreal

Live in Vancouver

Popping up in the weekend to go snowboarding in Whistler

Canoe Lake Louise

Dream job to work for EA Sports in Burnaby

Or for Ubisoft in Montreal - but I'd have to brush up on my French!

Watch Polar Bears at Churchill

Stay here - Hôtel de Glace in Québec

See a moose

Andy's Bucket list:

Brazil World Cup 2014

So much to do... so much to save!!! We probably wont be able to do half of these things but there is no harm in aiming big!

If any of you guys have any suggestions, fire away!!


  1. Are you planning on living wherever you can get work? Or do you want to live in a specific city/province?

    1. I think, if we can get offered jobs then we'll follow them. But to begin with I imagine were going to be doing a lot of freelance work so could technically do it from anywhere. x

  2. You've given me even more reasons to want to visit Canada! Also I'm a snowboarder so I think you've definitely made the right decision. Good luck with the move, can't wait to see your bucket list progress :)

  3. Oh, Canada! I have been to Toronto and the are twice in my life and love-loved it!
    xx Kaisa