Friday, 28 February 2014

Misadventures of Morgan

Just finished the new blog design for Morgan. I really enjoyed working on her design and hope she enjoys her new blog! Check out all her travel photos, they look amazing!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

First stop... LA!

After saying our emotional goodbyes to our friends and family, we jumped on the plane and headed for LA. The sheer size of it scared me originally and we only had 3 nights here so only got to explore a small area but really enjoyed it and will defiantly be heading back. We didnt take many photos here as the majority was spent cycling. Good excuse to go back again ;)

Highlight was cycling around Venice beach and Santa Monica apart from the sore bum the next day and the taxi driver who sang titanic the whole way to the bus station!

*Nice shot of my mum doing some last minute sewing in the airport!

Naughty me!

I would like to appologise for my lack of posts since the big relocation to Canada. Things have been crazy with travelling, family stuff and getting back into work. Hopefully i'll try and become a bit more frequent with my updates!

I shall be uploading a few pics of our journey shortly


Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Little Rays of Sunshine

So the lovely Joanna over at My little Rays of Sunshine was the winner of our little competition we had over the summer. I have really enjoyed working on her design and hope she enjoys her new blog.

In other news, as I am now freelancing fulltime at the moment, why don't you book in to get your blog spruced up! Just contact for more information.


2 days to go!

OMG things are hectic!

Since finishing my full time job on Friday the 13th, we have been working all throughout the nights on our freelance work, all while trying to sell everything and move out of our flat.

We sucessfully managed to do the latter and now we are in Bournemouth at my parents house trying to finish up lose ends with our work before we fly to LA on Tuesday.

We have had lots of leaving dos over the last couple of weeks and its been amazing to see everyone, although I have been getting very emotional.

I'm sure ill comment more on this part of my life once things have settled down!

Bring on Tuesday!!!

Friday, 30 August 2013

One month to go!

With 30 days to go before we jet off on our adventure things have started to get a little bit panicky in my head! I have managed to tick off around 4 things on my mega checklist and my work load appears to have doubled ha!

 All our weekends are now filled up with dinners, drinking and camping so hopefully it'll be a fun filled month to say goodbye to everyone.

On a side note, we just had 3 fun days in London where we watched our first Nottingham Forest away game, ate lots of pizza, celebrated our good friends Indian wedding and walked across the O2!

Andy's brother organised it as a surprise for his birthday which I think was also the first time I've managed to keep a secret from Andy! It was absolutely fantastic and I advise everyone to try it.

I hate heights but it didn't phase us at all. Its very much like a trampoline and the guide had to keep telling me not to jump up and down otherwise ill send others flying too...booo!

I also advise people to get the clipper when traveling to the O2! Ive decided if I ever live in London, it's the only way I'm going to travel!

Friday, 26 July 2013


Today we have some exciting news!

As some of you are aware, Charlotte and I have been working hard to set up our new venture, working together to provide you lovely people with beautiful designs. Since our site is now up and running we are going out all guns blazing by offering you a cheeky little giveaway: a full blogger redesign and build!

Head over to Charlotte's Web for full information and good luck! We look forward to working with the lucky devil very soon!